Re-reminder The Most Influential Directors of All-Time Poll

Don't forget to send your contributions at michael.parent at hotmail.com.

I will receive your votes until June 23 so start thinking about the directors who influenced your work, your life, your movie tastes or the filmmakers you admire today!

I already received eight lists from:
- Filmmaker Christian Audet (Outre tombe, Appartement #1, La victime, Le banc de neige, Le bal du maniaque, 37 Z, Au printemps mon cadavre puera, Angoisse à zéro)
- The greatest film critic of San Francisco Jeffrey M. Anderson Combustible Celluloid
- John LaRue blogger at The Droid You're Looking For!
- Montreal based film critic and journalist Kevin Laforest HOUR Community
- Film Blogger Yishai Reno of the beautiful Blog Movies and Directors
- Flim critic and Historian Kevyn Knox (also a personal influence) at The Cinematheque and The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World
- DDX of the magnificent film Blog Bonjour Tristesse
- Widnes, Great Britain Film critic Iain Stott One-Line Review

So if you want to be a part of this already impressive list of participants I encourage you to do so!

Here are the rules and instructions:

 Last year was a blast and I received some interesting lists when I asked you to provide the Top 25 most influential directors of all time!

I've decided to hit it back this year while adding more specifics:
- Rank the Top 10 most influential directors of all time or The 10 MOST Important Directors. Influential is used as important, the ones who changed the way films are/were made.
- Entries are accepted until June 23 2011, 23:59 EST.
- Send your lists @michael.parent@hotmail.com
- Spread the word to all movie/film lovers out there.
- Put the banner on your Blog/Website.
- Have fun!

Rules: points are awarded as follows 10 for number one spot, 9 for number 2, 8 for number 3 and on...

See last year's Results


  1. Thanx Michael. You greatly honour me.

  2. Hello! It’s Nathanael Hood from Forgotten Classics of Yesteryear!

    The blogathon is quickly approaching! I need to know…what day will you post your article? The 17th, 18th, or 19th? Please leave a comment on my blog to answer.

  3. My pleasure Kevyn.

    Nathanael I'll answer June 17 on your Blog!


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