LAMB casting event!

A fellow Blogger at Encore's World of Film and Tv suggests new castings for films. He asks for suggestions of casts and when they're received he asks his readers to vote for the better proposition.

I invite you to visit his Blog and vote for your favorite!



Along with The Turning Point (1977), The Color Purple (1985) holds the unenviable prize of having the most Oscar nominations without winning - 11. For the last episode of LAMB Casting I asked you to cast the Spielberg classic. The five responses were all quite interesting, one more than another. They choices were:

Halle Berry (Celie); Jamie Foxx (Albert Johnson); Lorette Devine (Shug Avery); Queen Latifah (Shug Avery); Thandie Newton (Nettie Harris); Morgan Freeman (Old Mister); Don Cheadle (Harpo Johnson); Beyonce Knowles (Squeak); Forrest Whitaker (Swain); Meryl Streep (Miss Millie)

Zoe Saldana (Celie); Terrence Howards (Albert Johnson); Halle Berry (Shug Avery); Jennifer Hudson (Sofia); Kerry Washington (Nettie Harris); Denzel Washington (Old Mister); Derek Luke (Harop Johnson); Joy Bryant (Squeak); Don Cheadle (Swain); Naomi Watts (Miss Millie)

Ziyi Zang (Celie); Tony Leung (Albert Johnson); Gong Li (Shug Avery); Maggie Chung (Sofia); Maggie Q (Nettie Harris); Chow Yun Fat (Old Mister); Andy Lau (Harpo Johnson); Ok Bin Kim (Squeak); Jet Li (Swain); Susan Sarandon (Misss Mille)

Anika Noni Rose (Celie); Dennis Haysbert (Mr. Albert Johnson); Beyonce Knowles (Shug Avery); Jennifer Hudson (Sofia); Sophie Okenodo (Nettie Harris); Morgan Freeman (Old Mister); Jamie Foxx (Harpo Johnson); Maria Carey (Squeak); Eddi Murphy (Swain); Catherine O’Hara (Miss Millie)

Viola Davis (Celie); Idris Elba (Albert Johnson); Kerry Washington (Shug Avery); Jennifer Hudson (Sofia); Taraji P. Henson (Nettie Harris); Danny Glover (Old Mister); Anthony Mackie (Harpo Johnson); Sharon Leal (Squeak); Derek Luke (Swain); Brenda Blethyn (Miss Millie)

So it's time for you to make your decisions. Which of these productions would you anticipate the most? Make your pick!

Poll: The Color Purple for the new millennium. Pick your cast!

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