The Most Expected Albums of 2015

The Most Expected Albums of 2015

With my recent post on the Best Albums of 2014 I’ve wrapped up 2014 for music. Now let’s have a look at  what is coming and what are the most expected albums of 2015.

Panda Bear
Meets The Grim Reaper – January 12

Being honest with you all, I’m a big fan of everything Noah Lennox does from Animal Collective to Panda Bear with his glimpse into Daft Punk’s Getting It Right. There’s a lot of anticipation for this album and whatever Panda Bear has in stock for us I’m sure it is fresh and genuine.

Frontschwein – January 19

With my ever lasting penchant for Extreme Metal, Swedish legendary performers of Marduk’s new release is always something at least worth my time to listen. In fact, they are always a sure shot and even if they don’t produce masterpieces anymore, Serpent Sermon was a solid effort.


Mount Eerie
Sauna – February 3

With Mount Eerie’s Phil Elvrum we can expect anything. From Indie-rock textures to black metal ambiances, Sauna is sure to be an interesting new offering from this one of a kind singer/musician/composer.


In Times – March 6

Norwegian Metal is in general mistakenly or rightly linked to satanic rituals and church burnings. In the case of Enslaved, a black/Viking Metal band inspired by the likes of Prog rock icons Rush, it is my the ancient Scandinavian religions that these masters at mixing violent music and beautiful compositions that we are expecting.


Faith No More
TBD – April

A legendary band that doesn’t need any presentation is getting back with a new record. I just hope that it will meet the high expectations.


Giorgio Moroder
74 Is The New 24 – TBA

The father of modern pop music is back with a new offering. Many younger music enthusiasts discovered the old master with Daft Punk’s song on Random Access Memories. But Moroder worked with Bowie (listen to Cat People), and made many motion pictures soundtracks (Midnight Express).


King Diamond

The Godfather of black metal and the direct child of Genesis and Alice Cooper, King Diamond is back from his heart surgery and stronger than ever. Almost 60 and still killing it!



The German masters of thrash metal are on a streak of great albums since Enemy of God, Hordes of Chaos, and Phantom Antichrist. Their new stuff will be noticeable since I could listen to Kreator thrash for an entire week without getting tired.


Another survivor and pioneer, Lemmy and Motörhead are what I call classic. I can’t get behind the drums and not jam at least one or two tracks from Motörhead’s repertoire. Even if the latest albums are formulaic I still hope to be surprised by a new album.



The band that takes itself a bit too seriously since a couple of albums even if they managed to master anything they get to do is by rumors getting back to their more alternative rock sound with their new record. Anyhow, The 2nd Law was one of the best records lately and even if it was painted Queen all over it and so cheesy I thought that it was quite good. Muse can do whatever they want and this is why I still believe in them even after the very average release of The Resistance.


With all that said, what are the albums you are most expecting for 2015? Any albums I may have missed in 2014?



The Best Albums of 2014

Hello everyone, I know I’ve been pretty silent these past weeks, but at work I’m involved in a great project of RM (records management for the initiated) and at home I’m working on the house and taking care of a little baby of six months is a lot of fun but also a lot of new responsabilities. However, I’m making a point that I would at least publish something for the end of the year.

This is the time of the year when we look back at what have been the best and the worst of the year. In music I have been listening to a lot of artists new to me and a bunch of bands I’ve been a fan of.

But time have been restricting me to discover some of the albums I’m listing here. They are blindspots that I have interests to discover but for now won’t make the list :

Blut Aus Nord – Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry
Electric Wizard – Time To Die
Eyehategod – Eyehategod
Goatwhore – Constricting Rage Of The Merciless
Old Man Gloom – The Ape of God and The Ape of God .5
Pallbearer – Foundations Of Burden
Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Raspberry Bulbs – Privacy
Serpentine Paths – Emanations
Swans – To Be Kind
Usnea – Random Cosmic Violence
YOB – Clearing The Path To Ascend
Young And In The Way – When Life Comes To Death


Then, they were ten that deserved the highest recognition of being listed as the best albums of 2014 :


Christmas is coming!


Music Reviews : Wrekmeister Harmonies – Then It All Came Down (2014)

Music Reviews : Wrekmeister Harmonies – Then It All Came Down (2014)

This one track LP from Wrekmeister Harmonies, including many guests (Riley Walker, Chris Brokaw, Wrest, Lydia Lane Stout, Chanel Pease, Kate Spelling, Indian, Mark Solotroff) , feels like an album its creator wanted the listener to continuously get wrapped into its more than half an hour long diatribe.

Passing through different stages of independent music with some more recognizable traits like the black metal presence or the female emule of The Microphones. WH named themself after the cult Hungarian film Wreckmeister Harmonies from Bela Tarr and their music is repeats the formulaic of Mulholland Drive by David Lynch. In the DVD release of Lynch’s film, it doesn’t have chapters and the viewer is forced to watch it from start to beginning. It is a deliberate decision from its director.

To continue with the analogy with Mulholland Drive, which is an ode to Hollywood, films, studios, the star system, Then It All Came Down is also a visit into music and its many genres. A cacophonous chorus of sounds and emotions. A musical piece that takes many listens to fully appreciate and get its surprising circumvolutions. At times only a little buzz is present compared to the total chaos of screaming and doom drumming.

With patience, the listener gets the reward for the wait. Like drone or noise music there are no comparable and the better judge for this album is the listener himself who will appreciate to different levels the blend of the obvious and many influences of Wrekmeister Harmonies.

As the author of those lines, my point of view is that I am greatly surprise by my first encounter with this collective and the mix of genres and sounds was a great experience for myself. There are some heavy riffs while some moments reflect a unexpected sensibility and a depth that few musicians would be eager to explore. For me, it is a nice discovery and an album that will accompany me at work in moments of profound concentration for a long time.


Music Review : Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestite (2014)

Music Review : Wolves In The Throne Room – Celestite (2014)

This companion piece to Celestial Lineage, the near-masterpiece from these Washington state black metallers stating that they are not playing black metal but are obviously inspired by Ulver and Burzum’s decadent yet beautiful mastery challenge of BM while saying their biggest influence is Neurosis. Living on a farm and praising a return to organic form and life, the members of WITTR have recorded two of the best American black metal records to date; the aforementioned Celestial Lineage and Two Hunters.

Their recent release is an instrumental exploration of esoteric textures and sonorities that reminds of interesting interludes in Burzum and Ulver’s most notorious albums. An entire opus solely concentrated on ambiance and musical odyssey is pretty ballsy. With all the ambition that WITTR enters in this territory, an artist like M83 would have killed it. But here, WITTR misses the mark and should have released this album under another name just to separate the band from the experimentalists. Just like Sunn O))), who explores many alleys with other musicians they sign with their co-artists. WITTR did an okay job with a difficult task. It feels like a challenge the wolf could not chew by himself. Maybe a collab with a more experimented drone/noise music artist could have helped them raise the bar.

With Initiation at Neudeg Alm, there are glimpses of hope and a nice sound that opens the mystery angle that black metal and instrumental music share. It doesn’t need to be raised to epic scales.

Celestite is not a complete disaster but don’t get into this and wait for black metal or even metal. It is interesting for fans of the band to follow this new direction but it could have been more transitional or even a part of a double album with Celestial Lineage more than a piece of itself. Sometimes an artist has to get it out of his system to continue its evolution and get to stronger levels. Let’s hope it was the case here. Because Wolves In The Throne Room still has many promising records in the belly.


Music Review : Alcest – Shelter (2014)

Music Review : Alcest – Shelter (2014)

Alcest takes his origins in black metal but slowly evolved into a shoegaze act playing on My Bloody Valentine’s field more than Burzum’s. The album Shelter is an entire dedication to trippy rock and shoegaze. Since Deafheaven’s Sunbather, which was a perfected version of BM and shoegaze in 2013, many BM bands have crossed the lined of purist kvlt BM.

Alcest is now far from its BM roots but still in a territory of its own. At first it is a bit surprising to find a bleak comparison other than the aforementioned bands. But I would reference Katatonia and its latest entries of rock infused with darker landscapes. It is the atmosphere and feeling as a whole that still makes this a somber record that could entice fans of the early Alcest.

It is an interesting record for its whole texture but its monotony and lack of flavour is too heavy in the balance compared with its ambition that is limited by the change of style that Alcest has occured. It is a grey album that transpire a melancholy and a spleen that is not elevated by its music and lacks in overall tenure and a monochrome structure that sinks slowly the record from song to song.

It is an entry into a genre that is difficult to master and a miss that could not be a hit but a lesson that experiences are permitted and an average album doesn’t sink a band but a series could.  

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