Les films de sa vie...

Les films de ma vie by François Truffaut is a recollection of many film reviews he has written during his years at Les Cahiers du Cinéma and during his career as a "cinéaste" of the "Nouvelle Vague" (French New Wave). Of the many filmmakers the French New Wave put light on, Truffaut is the one I have seen the most of his films. For a long time, he was and still probably is my favorite of this "group" (it was not a group of artists like the surrealists).

When someone watches Jules et Jim or L'amour en fuite one can sense how Truffaut loved his medium. It's the same thing I felt when I read Les films de ma vie, he writes about classic films like Rear Window or Lola Montès with so much passion that I will have to watch these films again because he brought so much new light to their understanding and their qualities that it's like I will see these films for the first time again!

His writings are more than just reviews or criticisms. They are love letters to the seventh Art! At some point in your life someone/a questionary/ a job interview or whatever context it is will ask you: Who in the History of the world would you ressucite to discuss with? I think I will have to answer François Truffaut!

So writing that he is an inspiration for this blogger here won't surprise you I guess...

Just in case you wondered this post is in the Suggested readings of this Blog.

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