Sex And the City 2 (Michael Patrick King, 2010) - Review

Having only seen some episodes of the celebrated TV show of the same name and the first movie I can't say that I am a fan or an expert of the show. My recent viewing of Sex And the City 2 was mainly influenced by my girlfriend who loved the TV show. I am a good public when it comes to comedy, and the few episodes I've seen of the show made me laugh and I liked the reflexion it brings about the modern day woman. So don't get me wrong here I was not forced to go to that movie at all.

In their second adventure on the big screen, the four girls of New York are taken out of their comfort zone and they go to Abu Dhabi. The main plot of the movie is the marriage of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) that tends to fall into the routine of an "old couple". The other minor plots elements are the hot nanny that upsets the mother, the lawyer that works too much for a boss that never shows gratitude and the nympho (Kim Cattral) that is having her menopause.

A movie like Sex And the City 2 is made for the fans of the show and it never pretends to become a great picture as the ones it referred: It Happened One Night and a Cary Grant picture I don't remember the title. Well, the film also refers classic films in its music, the scene when the girls arrive in the desert we hear a remix of the celebrated Lawrence of Arabia score. Well, I know critics were rude against that movie and if it was not from a celebrated TV show It would have been different. But since it was made for the fans, and for the cast too (they seem to have such fun and it made the movie fun for the audience) I would say that I had many good laughs and the fans were charmed.

This second cinematic offering is better than the first and having in mind its purpose I think they accomplished their goal. Every girl that got out of the theater had a big smile of satisfaction on their face and seemed to have enjoyed their movie.

So be aware, this is a movie for the fans of Sex And the City and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. It assumes its role perfectly.

A Review by Michaël Parent

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