Suddenly (1954)

Suddenly (Lewis Allen, 1954)

 Film noir is one of my favorite genre, some will say it's not even a genre because their creators were not aware of making them at the time. They were making thriller/cop/betrayal and mostly B-Movies.

Suddenly directed by Lewis Allen with Frank Sinatra and Sterling Hayden. The story is, Tod (Hayden) a cop is in love with the single mother widow Ellen Benson (Nancy Gates) living with the father of her later husband. They live in the town called Suddenly aka Anytown USA, where the President is supposed to stop with the five o'clock train. In the history of the Town it's the most important event it never happened. A visit by the President includes strong security measures and many precautions. The CIA is there and prepares the "secret" coming of the President. But veteran John Baron (Sinatra), has other plans...

The synopsys of Suddenly won't be detailed muchmore because there are many twists in the plot. The tension is palpable and the action is well executed. Sometimes the acting is way too far but from a film of the 1950's we can forget this flaw and adjust to it. It keeps the viewer on the edge of his seat and it makes Suddenly a very good effort from a good but not great director. Meanwhile, Lewis Allen was a Key Noir filmmaker and his other films are worth a look. Suddenly is far from being a masterpiece but it has its strenght and it delivers!

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