Top films of Terrence Malick by LMdC

With two upcoming films, The Tree of Life and another untitled project, the name of Malick will regain popularity. The director who offered so few films since 1973 that some may think he doesn't work anymore. Well, Malick proved that quantity never equals quality. With only four feature films released Terrence Malick has made a legendary name for himself. His four masterpieces are worth a top list of personnal picks you will find here.

1. Days of Heaven (1978)
2. The Tree of Life (2011)

3. The Thin Red Line (1998)4. Badlands (1973)5. The New World (2005)


  1. 1. The Thin Red Line
    2. Days of Heaven
    3. Badlands
    4. The New World

    I'm so looking forward to The Tree of Life as well his untitled romantic drama. Malick is a legend!

  2. The stills for The Tree of Life are pretty amazing! I hope we'll get release date soon!!!


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