Top films of Tim Burton by LMdC

One of the most uncharacteristic American mainstream director working these days. I have great respect and admiration for this filmmaker that doesn't make unnanimity, but still captivates its viewer with almost every film making it an unique experience.

1. Ed Wood
2. Sleepy Hollow
3. Big Fish

4. Edward Scissorhands
5. Corpse Bride

6. Batman Returns
7. Mars Attacks!
8. Batman
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
10. Beetle Juice
11. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Alice in Wonderland
13. Planet of the Apes 


  1. I just love this man. Caught the fact that you didn't include Nightmare Before X-mas, very well done since he didn't direct it. I would have moved up closer to the top Beetle Juice and moved down Mars Attacks!, but for the most part I agree with your list.

  2. Thanks! I didn't included Nightmare because he didn't directed it. But it's one of my favs too! I really like the farce of Mars Attacks!.

  3. Great list but I would still count nightmare before christmas in there because he created it. But it was directed by Henry Selick so I guess not :P. However, very nice list and very fair scoring :)

  4. Thanks! Nightmare is awesome.


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