Greenberg (Noah Baumbach, 2010)

Since The Squid and the Whale I always been an admirator of Baumbach's offbeat comedies. The story of his film of 2005 was so close to what my family was living that I immediately put it in my all-time bests.

Greenberg is an unpretentious little breezy film about a man trying to get out of his depressive antisocial patterns. Once again, a character I easily can get associated with. Sadly, I'm a little antisocial and I have a facility to fell into a depressive state... But in the case of Greenberg, the "propos" doesn't get annoying at all.

The rythm of the story is right and it never gets over dramatic. The plot and the chjaracters evolves in a good way and little redemption is at the end. Meanwhile, it doesn't get over cheezy or too melodramatic.

Ben Stiller as Greenberg gives a fine performance and he lets his character get all the subtilities it needs. The other actors that populate the film are very good in this well constructed play.

Baumbach's film isn't as flamboyant or exhilarating as the next indie comedy but it brings something new to a subject that has recently populated many films.

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