One Day

One Day (Lone Scherfig, 2011)

Adapted from the Best-seller of the same title, this romance that is expanding over twenty years told only on the 15 of july of each year from 1988 until 2011 is almost already castrated by its concept. Since I haven't read the original material this review is based only on the feature film.

The couple of Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturges was a promising setup to this awaited adaptation. The concept of the novel is transcribed by fifteen or so short films that represented each year the story is told. The films also represent the times and the evolution of this relationship. But as the pace the story goes the viewer doesn't really has the time to understand what is the link between the two leads and how they get to each other each year. The restriction of the concept, told the story by only one day per year retains too much information and lets to much blanks to fully capture what the author wants us to understand from its story.

Even if Hathaway and Sturges want to take the movie on their shoulders they carry two complex characters that a story won't properly unfold and that doesn't let the talent of the two young actors take the lead and perform. The lenght of the film, probably reduced by the studios and/or producers restraint the possibility to make this film work.

Afterall, the waste of talent and production cost, the short films reprensent the last decades with much precision but the story displayed is too thin to make this film work and be a real success.

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