Our Idiot Brother

Our Idiot Brother (Jesse Peretz, 2011)
This indie production featuring Paul Rudd, Zooey Deschanel, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer, and many other could have been the regular stupid comedy about the stereotyped hippie with the eco-bragging about the respect of the earth and the many bold charicatures that comes with it. However, we discover another side of Paul Rudd's talent and an okay play that lives mainly because of the performances and the presences of its cast.

Rudd portrays the "idiot brother" who's been caught selling weed. When he goes out of jail for good behavior, his girlfriend and the farm he lives and works on doesn't want him anymore. The ex has already another boyfriend who lives on the farm with. However, the worst part is that the lady doesn't want him to get his dog (called Willie Nelson) back.

This movie stands out mainly for Paul Rudd's performance of subtility in this bland and naive hippie. Many situations could have fell into known territories because of their nature and our references. Nevertheless, the storyline helps Rudd to place his character in the perspective of the potential stupid or idiot without really being it as we could have thought. We see his interactions with his three sisters with each one he will eventually live with and bring a new perspective in all their lives. As you would guess this is the kind of indie that makes you feel good and that could be related in some way to The Kids Are Alright or Little Miss Sunshine as for the capable supporting cast and the interesting characters they have. Someone may say that those are a little too quirky but isn't the case for an Indie?

Our Idiot Brother is an interesting first offering from Peretz as the director and his interesting little story. This is a small movie that has a small effect but made with care.

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