NHL Playoffs time or the post about the good’old Hockey game movies

When spring comes in Québec it doesn’t signify Baseball, Soccer, or Basketball. It means the NHL playoffs! With the Montréal Canadiens out of the playoffs (frankly my dear I hate the Habs) many people don’t know who to cheer for in the French Canadian area. Since I am waiting for the Québec Nordiques to come back this hopefully this fall I will be behind the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers. However, Hockey is one of the least appreciated sports in North America. In the US, it passes behind Wrestling and Big Foot competition in popularity.

Goon (Michael Dowse, 2011)
Lately, a direct to DVD (in the US) film starring Seann William Scott and Marc-André Grondin titled Goon had something like a good impact on Hockey fans around here. The story about a “goon” aka the type of player who is asked to specifically fight as his major role in the team seemed pretty bad. However, the critics and the public responded quite positively and I must admit not having seen the film but the whole thing has a good vibe around it.

Maurice Richard aka The Rocket: The Legend of Rocket Richard (Charles Binamé, 2005)
Since Hockey is our “National” sport many films have been theme and/or are targeted on it. One the of the best films about Hockey is the Maurice Richard biopic starring Roy Dupuis. The legend of Richard still lives and he was a symbol for every Québécois in the 1950’s. An intense Hockey player and a passionate life story of the player nicknamed “The Rocket”. One of the most interesting Sports movie.

Les Boys (Louis Saia, 1997)
This sport/comedy film about a team of amateur Hockey players sponsored by the tavern of the corner, Stanley's (Rémi Girard) is a cult film in Québec. A Sports/Comedy that portrays our love of Hockey and the stereotype of Québec’s society.

Slap Shot (George Roy Hill, 1977)
Easily one of the raciest movie on this list, this feature starring Paul Newman has a cult status around here. Every boy who’s been to a tournament in a chartered passenger bus has seen this movie a dozen times. You can recite any line of this film to any Hockey player and he will be able to cite you the rest of the scene. The Major League of Hockey.

The Mighty Ducks trilogy (1992-1996)
Emilio Estevez, a young Joshua Jackson and a bunch of kids go on and play something like Hockey without rules in these Disney classics of the Québécois kids of my generation. A family entertainment that brought the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in the NHL owned by Disney. Even if those are promotional movies for the professional team they can be considered as Hockey classics with less than 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes...

That’s it! What are your favourite Hockey/Sports movies?  


  1. Admittedly, hockey falls number four for me after baseball, football, and basketball. While I have no interest in ever attending a pro football game, hockey is the sport where the televised version does not do it justice. It's pretty much impossible for me to follow the puck on TV. I usually just see what direction people are skating to see where the puck is. Seen live, though, hockey is much easier to follow. (The University of Maine had a couple of national championships several years back which were fun to watch. I actually prefer college hockey over pro hockey because there aren't the stupid interruptions for fights.)

    In answer to your question, I'll have to go pro-USA and pick Miracle about the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team.

    1. I've seen this one and it made me laugh that Kurt Russell only accepted the role because the movie was shot in where he lives, in Vancouver if I remember correctly.

      I know that the American market doesn't enjoy Hockey as much as the Canadian market. However, I have trouble following a Baseball game. I think it is a question of interest in my case...

      Thanks for answering Chip!

  2. I am a huge hockey fan, the Canucks are my team, but I love to follow all the series. This is the most exciting time of the year! Also, I hope you guys get your team back soon.

    However, I'm not into hockey films or sports movies in general because they are all so cliched. Out of your list the only one I enjoyed was the Richard biopic.

    1. I kind of guessed that you are a Canucks fan because if I remember well you live in BC? The whole city here is at the edge of its seat to see if there'll be a huge announcement soon. With the new Colisée and the rumors of the moving of the Phoenix Coyotes we think that after Winnipeg it is our turn to get our team back!

      I'm not a big fan of Sports films either but I thought it would be interesting to list some Hockey films because I've been enjoying the playoffs lately.

  3. Slap Shot is very popular where I live (western PA) since it's inspired by the Johnstown Jets. Some scenes were filmed at the War Memorial in Johnstown which is just down the street from where I work. Sadly Johnstown's most recent team (the Chiefs) was bought out a few years ago.

    I'm a casual hockey fan but the Penguins are getting crushed right now so no reason for me to watch. American football's the only sport I get really passionate about.

    1. I did not knew that the story of Slap SHot was inspired by the Johnstown Jets! As far as the playoffs go I am very happy to see the FLyers taking the lead... What are your favorite Football movies Groggy?


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