Top Films of Roman Polanski by LMdC

1. Chinatown (1974)
2. Repulsion (1965)
3. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)
4. The Tenant (1976)
5. The Ghost Writer (2010)
6. The Pianist (2002)
7. Frantic (1988)
8. Oliver Twist (2005)
9. The Ninth Gate (1999)

I still need to see: Two Men and a Wardrobe (1958) Mammals (1966) Knife in the Water (1962) Cul-de-sac (1966) The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967) Macbeth (1971) What? (1973) Tess (1979) Pirates (1986) Bitter Moon (1992) Death and the Maiden (1994) Carnage (2011)


  1. I've only seen Chinatown, The Pianist, Rosemary's Baby, and The Ghost Writer. I would put them in that order. Of the four, I felt Ghost Writer didn't live up to the hype. I felt the "bad guy" was almost immediately obvious, so waiting for the inevitable reveal made the film drag slightly for me. Add to this a silly ending and the film didn't end up impressing me like his other three did.

    1. Very good order! What i really liked about The Ghost Writer is Polanski's mise en scène and his mastery. The plot isn't that fresh but the execution is flawless.


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