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With a late contribution to the LAMB’s Director Chair, I wanted to make a post about this Enfant Terrible of World Cinema, but since I moved in my first house I have less time to work on posts and regular blogging. I thought I had seen more films from von Trier but it is clear that I need to catch up on the man and his movies. 

1. Dancer in The Dark (2000) 
This top is succinct, but also meaningful. The number one, represents how von Trier’s directing and the use of Dogme 95 can be successful and despite its pretentious ambitions, well being a little pretentious never hurts, it is a very powerful film. 

2. Antichrist (2009)
The number two spot, is by far one of the greatest Freudian Horror films I’ve never seen. It has everything you want, graphic sex, incredible close ups of tortures, misogynist themes, and a wonderful cinematography. 

3. Dogville (2003)
My last but far from being the least film, Dogville, revealed, to me, the immense talent of Nicole Kidman. It is also the most ambitious adaptation of Brecht’s mise en scène and theories. It is almost experimental while having a coherent and very meaningful story. 

Films I want to see: Europa (1991) Breaking the Waves (1996) Manderlay (2005) The Boss of It All (2006) Melancholia (2011) 

What does your list looks like? How do you feel about the buzz around von Trier?

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