The Top 9 Films of 1983 aka The Year I Was Born - Redux

As a Classic Film lover I am a man/boy who loves traditions. This is the third time I do this list and every year I try to watch films from the year I was born to see a little bit of what happened in this year.

I'm very proud to say that most of the films I wanted to watch I had the opportunity to watch them this year. However, I missed A Christmas Story (Bob Clark) during the last Holidays. It is still on my DVR but I wanted to wait to watch it for December. I'll have a little something coming up for December this year but I don't want to say too much so I'll stop here.

By the way, this is birthday and this is why I annually do this. I invite other bloggers to do this and tell us their favorite films on the day of their birth.

Below you will find my long awaited Top 9 films of 1983, starting from number 1 to number 9.

1. Nostalghia
(Andrei Tarkovsky)
A wonderful film from a director who made so few movies. The cinematography is awesome and the story is spiritual and meaninful and it as this mysterious feeling to it.

2. Videodrome
(David Cronenberg)

Cronenberg's vision of the modern world and all its addictions to television, pornography, violence, and how they are possessing our minds and bodies. Those obsessions are presented in Cronenberg's own uncensored approach to Cinema.

3. The King of Comedy
(Martin Scorsese)

Well, this is almost cheating, I know. On IMDb it says 1982. But for Marty Scorsese, one of my favorite director, I can cheat a little. The King of Comedy isn't a real comedy but I think the study of character and the presence of Bob De Niro is amazing. I like this little film without pretention.

4. Zelig (Woody Allen)
In the most successful period of Allen's career, this mockumentary is a monument of filmmaking. A film I loved from start to finish. I'm glad the woodman would make this list since he is one of my favorite filmmakers of all time.

4. Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (Terry Jones)
Here's a fact: I love comedies. I dig them and I am a good receiver of jokes. Monty Python are hilarious and I don't think there even was a group of talented actors and comedians that could have made such funny films as they did. Please read my review of it here.

5. Vivement Dimanche!
(François Truffaut)
In my admiration for Truffaut's work there is this hommage to Hitchcock (a director I also worship) called Vivement Dimanche!. It became an instant classic to the master of suspense and a complete success as a simple but enjoyable film with Fanny Ardant and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

6. Return of the Jedi (Richard Marquand)
A classic! Even if I don't care for the stupid made-for-toys Ewoks this is the conclusion of the original trilogy that changed the movie life of so many people.

7. Pauline à la plage (Eric Rohmer)

The late Rohmer was a discovery that I loved from the first My Night At Maud's with his unique Nouvelle Vague approach and quirky long dialogues. Pauline à la plage is a late gem from a great underappreciated director. A summer film for my birthday in summer!

8. L'argent (Robert Bresson)

The ultimate film from a director who changed the face of Cinema. It's crude, violent, and personal and it's a near masterpiece. Bresson is a director that every new film I watch I learn to like and appreciate.

9. Prénom Carmen (Jean-Luc Godard)
Since I cheated with my number 3, I will give a little place for this Godard picture that I discovered in 2010. Love him or hate him the man is still Godard, another master from the Nouvelle Vague that I greatly admire. Although, opposed to Truffaut, Prénom Carmen lacks in narrative and demonstrate how Godard reinvented himself after his successful 1960's years. An erotic/thriller movie that will challenge your mind.

Didn't make the cut:
Scarface (Brian De Palma)

The Right Stuff (Philipp Kauffman)

The fims I want to see that may change the order of this list:
A Christmas Story (Bob Clark) A Chip Lary recommendation.
Rumble Fish
(Francis Ford Coppola)
Sans Soleil (Chris Marker)

...and maybe your suggestions for 1983! When is your birthday and what would be your list?


  1. Bonne Fête!

    Nice list. Two I haven't seen, the Allen and the Godard. What do you think of Cronenberg's Dead Zone?

    1. It's on my list for next year!
      Thank You BT!

  2. Thanks for the mention. For what it's worth, I saw Sans Soleil a few months ago and it is not a movie I'd have too high expectations for. It's pretty much a vacation video with over dubbed narration containing Deep Thoughts from the director. It probably wasn't 20 minutes in before I was already checking the time.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I know that Marker isn't the greatest filmmaker but I am curious about Sans Soleil since I loved La Jetée!


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