First thoughts and impressions on Django Unchained

Last night I was lucky enough to be at the Premiere of Django Unchained in Quebec City, and my friends and readers I was excited! This is a little teaser on my impressions prior to my writing of a proper review of this one heck of a film.

First, let's get over the fact that it is Tarantino's Sergio Leone/Lucio Fulci/John Ford picture especially for its first half. He stayed true to the Western Spaghetti genre and also true to himself. It is hard, bloody, and funny as hell. It is also a guy movie in the like of a classic of mine called Die Hard.

Let's also say that Christoph Waltz is still great in the new Tarantino. And regular Samuel L. Jackson might equal his brilliant performance of Pulp Fiction in an outstanding performance as Stevens.

It is not the masterpiece I was expecting, but still my favorite film of 2012. Stay tuned for a longer review of this chutzpah experience.

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