The 2013 LAMMYs, Why Not?

After my big declaration that I won’t be participating in the LAMMYs this year, the first in my three years of eligibility. I read about the awards on the websites of my peers and I kind of got interested in the eligibility process. So this morning, I read the entire list of Blogs that are eligible and I fell on my name for the Most Knowledgeable Writer category. Honestly, I didn’t submit myself to any category since I stated that I wouldn’t take the energy and time to do a proper campaign and do the habitual cocktails and bribes. So to get my first nomination would be something new for me and I would like to put all my efforts in getting one this year. But I couldn’t do it before I highlight how strong is the category. With guys like Kevyn Knox, Ed Howard, Chip Lary, Bonjour Tristesse (will we ever get to know at least his first name!?!), and a bunch of other guys I know that are strong contenders.
Knowing that I’m not in the cool guys bunch as Kevyn said in his FYC post of the LAMB, I however hosted the Classics Chops for a good part of the year 2012. So my name is not totally unknown to many bloggers out there.
Being nominated for this award, in my opinion it is the most flattering of them all. Because I put most of my efforts on the content of my reviews and the design, and public relations of this blog are more or less let on the side. Sometimes I like to update a thing or two but I prefer to work on my writing, which English is my second language, by the way. I read a lot of the writings of the film critics that inspire me : Andrew Sarris, Roger Ebert, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Jeffrey Anderson, Kevyn Knox, and many others. All those names I look up to them and being eligible for something I aspire most than anything is very nice.
So I’m happy that Meryl Streep’s not eligible in my category this year and I wish good luck to all my opponents but at the end I will kick your little asses!


  1. It was I who put your name up for nomination, of course without going through protocol and asking first... I'm glad you are on board with it.

    As for my real name... It's not exactly a closely held state secret, but I do like keeping a bit of mystery. Perhaps if I end up winning a LAMMY, I will reveal it once and for all :)

    Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck in the nomination race, Michaël!

    1. Thanks for naming me Bonjour Tristesse! I'm not someone who cares about protocoles either! I'm very flattered!

      For your real name, it was more a joke than anything! But I wish you a LAMMY!

      Thanks again!


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