Saturday Morning Music Post – Amorphis, Tegan and Sara, Suffocation, + blindspot : The Ramones

Last year I posted few times about music but I felt that it might not be the right place to do so here on Le Mot du Cinephiliaque. But the nice blogger, Chris over at Movies and Songs 365, is doing half and half movie reviews and music/album reviews. This grew in my mind and I’ve decided to take this feature back on track and try to feed it as much as I can. It mostly will feature recent releases of all kind of genres since I enjoy a lot of musical styles. Sometimes, I’ll add a blind spot album that I’ve been discovering lately.
Let’s do this alright?
AmorphisCircle - 2013
Amorphis has been in the sphere of Metal genres for more than 25 years. Their earlier sound was centered on Death Metal like many acts of the time; Obituary, Morbid Angel, Immortal, DarkThrone. With the time, they blended many genres and developed their own unique sound. This new album, Circle has something that gets me, some death metal growls, prog elements, heavy metal and a distinct clear voice.
Tegan and SaraHeartthrob - 2013
The Canadian duo of Tegan and Sara is charming at most and even if they don’t make pure indie rock, it’s more indie pop, they have their unique sound and a very fun album here again. Since Sainthood we feel that they reached their peak. This is the kind of band that I believe makes music they actually enjoy and like to listen. As stated earlier it is a more pop album that hooks you at the first listen and will get with you for a long time.
SuffocationPinnacle of Bedlam  – 2013
From the legends of Suffocation we always expect the best of Death Metal. However, placing this band into this category is a little mistake. They master hardcore riffs and grindcore elements while blending their energetic mix of old and new school of Death Metal. Their sound is not that far from punk rock and it gives them an always fresh sound even if they were active in the late 1980’s. A very strong album for fans of the genre and the other aforementioned extremities of music.
The RamonesLeave Home – 1977
Being a big fan of The Ramones isn’t unique those days, and a recent automobile commercial hooked me on the song California Sun from this punk rock band. I always admired their simplicity and the 1-2-3-4 that counts the times of each of their song assuming they were doing the right thing while keeping it simple and funny. Their four first albums were actual masterpieces of modern music. With Ramones, Rockets to Russia, Leave Home, and Road to Ruin one has everything he needs to know about the basis of Punk Rock Music. Why Leave Home, well I knew by heart half of the songs but the rest was unknown to me. With California Sun stuck in my head for days I bought the 180g pressing vinyl of the album and enjoyed the songs like if it was new music to me. As a conclusion I would have loved to list my favourite songs but it is simpler if you listen to the entire album instead of listing it all here. 1-2-3-4!


  1. Not really a fan of Metal music myself, glad you enjoyed those releases!
    The Ramones are a blind spot for me, I remember liking "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" from their debut album.

    1. Metal has always been one of my primarily tastes in music. But I like to discover new music and I love lots of genre. This week it was more oriented on Metal releases.
      The Ramones are a favorite of mine even if I'm not acquainted to all their albums, I listened to their anthology for years.

  2. I don't have any issue with someone mixing up the topics on their blog and going into music or another part of pop culture. It sometimes makes it more interesting. I don't have much to say about the picks, though I do really like the Ramones. I just have Ramones Mania and their live release and not the individual albums.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dan! I really dig the Ramones. Their first four albums are worth the listen. Simple and easy music but very efficient.


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