Les Cahiers du Cinéma’s 2013 Top 10

Founded by the great André Bazin, Les Cahiers du Cinéma has been one of the main references in films since the 1950’s.

This year, as any other year, they are one of the firsts to release their Top 10 of the year. More often than not, they surprise everyone by ranking unexpected films higher and consensus goodies in the lower ranks.

Without much blabbering here’s what they though was the cream of the year 2013 :

1- Stranger by the Lake aka L’inconnu du lac (Alain Guiraudie)
2- Spring Breakers (Harmony Korine)
3- Blue Is the Warmest Color aka La Vie d’Adèle (Abdelladif Kechiche)
4- Gravity (Alfonso Cuaron)
5- A Touch of Sin (Jia Zhang Ke)
6- Lincoln (Steven Spielberg)
7- La Jalousie (Phillipe Garrel)
8- Haewon et les hommes (Hong Sang-soo)
9- You and the Night aka Les Rencontres d’après minuit (Yann Gonzalez)
10- Battle of Solferino aka La Bataille de Solférino (Justine Triet)

It is clearly evident that it’s Eurocentrist in its approach to films, but it gives a nice view of what we are not always going to when choosing a movie. 

Having not seen one movie from this list I am very ashamed to say that I have many viewings to catch up. But I read and heard many complaints about the fact that Blue Is the Warmest Color isn’t in first place and that Spring Breakers is too high on this list. As I watch those titles, I will get back and comment on this selection of films.

What do you think about this ranking? Agree? Disagree? What are the omissions that Les Cahier du Cinéma should have included? What are the films that should not be there?

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