We'll be back after a little break...

For the few of you who are wondering what happened lately to LMdC (short for Le Mot du Cinephiliaque) here are the latest news:

First, my wife and I are waiting for a little baby girl to come to our lovely home by June 24th. I might have mentioned it here before but now is the official announcement of it. We are very excited and it was expected and planned but like everything that's expected and planned we are expecting unplanned events.

Speaking of which I am upgrading my house in the suburbs of Quebec City by remodeling my two bathrooms and the future baby's room. It takes pretty much all my spare time that I had to watch films and write about them. Hopefully the major works are gonna get much or less completed by the beginning of May and I'll be able to take so time to get some rest and watch/write films.

Interesting movie related fact, I started writing a script that I'm keeping pretty much secret now and I might just say that it's related with the fact that I contacted a friend that the friendship had a huge gap but was still very strong.

Plus, the NHL playoffs are coming next week and I might take some time off to watch a few games and enjoy the good ol' game.

Finally, spring will probably get here soon and I'll try to do some outside activities like skateboarding with my friends and prepare the outside patio, BBQ, and stuff.

Enough with my conformist life and here are the last two Blu-Ray films I bought lately The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. I'm planning on getting Predator on Blu Ray since it's a great entertainment and a guy's film.

What have you bought lately?

I hope to update this blog soon and get back on regular programming. Because let's face it, I'll never give up on you guys! This blog is a way to stay connected with my prime passion: movies and writing.

Until then, feel free to write and let me know what you're all up to I'll still be reading your comments!


  1. Hello Michaël... Congratulations to you and your wife on your pending new arrival! Based on my own parenthood adventures, I'm sure nothing will ever be the same again, but in a good way. Looking forward to reading your future posts, once the dust settles again (caution: it never really does). :)

    My latest Blu-ray acquisition was the 1966 sci-fi classic, Fantastic Voyage. Hoping to get a couple more films soon.

    Take care!

    1. Thank you Barry! With the renovations I've been wanting to continue the blog but too much is going right now. However, this is just an interlude to get back stronger at it!

      Nice BR, I'll have to give this a watch for sure!


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