Music Review : Kadavar’s Abra Kadavar

Kadavar - Abra Kadavar
Released in 2013, Kadavar’s Abra Kadavar is the continuity of their 2012 self titled EP. Working on Psychedelic Rock soundscape and a highly reminiscence of the 1970’s sound of bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Witchfinder General, and of course Black Sabbath this trio makes a perfect blend of classic rock and contemporary psychedelic Heavy Rock.

This is not a mix of genres that usually takes you into lots of different directions or into well known territories. It is an amalgam of impressions and a classic sound that makes it one of the best albums to listen while at work, cruising on the highway, or in a dirty bar having a beer with your friends. Abra Kadavar is a sure shot album that passes well with clean vocals, nice riffs and a nice but heavy percussion section.

Those German musicians are a name that you’ll want to take notice and remember because in the underground rock world you will heard of them as much as bands like The Shrine, High On Fire, and Torche.

The ultimate Kadavar experience is on vinyl on a very hot day with a cold as ice beer. It’s refreshing and at the same time a delight of rock.


  1. Not familiar with this band, I should give them a try! One of my favorites of 2014 so far is a retro psychedelic album called Sun Structures by Temples.

    1. I'll check Temples, and I think you might like Kadavar too! It's a little underground from Germany but accessible in their music.


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