NHL Playoffs - Round 2 - Predicts

Fair and square here are my complete predictions for Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs:

Montréal vs. Boston: Mtl in 5 or 6 games. And yes it makes me sick to think of this but I think the Habs will go far this year.

Pitssburgh vs. Rangers: Pit in 6 games. Even if the NYR are one of my favorite teams, they had trouble finding the way to score against one of the worst defensive teams of the league, the Philadelphis Flyers. Pittsburgh have too much power to loose against NYR.
Wild card: Marc-André Fleury's goaltending, can be the best or the worst goaltender in the league.

Minnesotta vs. Chicago: Chi for the cup! In 4 or 5 games the Wild will be on vacation.

Los Angeles vs. Anaheim: Ana in 7 games, even with their momentum the Kings don't ahve the same depth that the Ducks have.

What are your predictions?

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