Deck of the Week: Anti Hero's Flaming Skate

This feature is about the most innovative, subversive, original, and artsy graphics in skateboarding. Highlighting new and current decks on the market but also going back in the great catalog that many legendary skaters and companies have put out since the underground debuts of this highly marginalized sport.

This week, featured is the Flaming Skate design bearing the classic Thrasher magazine font. Anti Hero skateboards has been linked with the magazine since the debut of Anti Hero in 1995. Julien Stranger, founder of the brand, was influenced by Jim Thiebaud (pro skater) and Jake Phelps, editor in chief at Thrasher, to found a new company and help skateboarding to get back to its core roots.

This deck is quite simple but holds the spirit of skateboarding that wants to keep its origins close and its friends closer. The magazine is like the bible to skateboarders. This font represents respect, heritage, and true skateboarding.

This is why this quite simple board graphic deserves mention here.

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