The Top 7 Performances by Jeff Goldblum

Note: this article is a contribution to the Goldbumathon hosted by the great folks over at Cinematic Catharsis. Celebrating the many faces of Jeff Goldblum.

7. Tricycle Man in Nashville

As important as it is for an actor to be staring in movies, being in the supporting cast often offers the most interesting characters. This quirky guy out of the film of a very quirky director, Robert Altman, is quite something. In fact, the entire cast of this masterpiece is amazing and to have a young Goldblum in it this makes it even more fun.  

6. Leonard Hayes in Friends

Okay, for anyone who knows me and my wife we vow a cult to the sitcom Friends since we got together back in 2001. Goldblum's character in the episode auditions Joey (Matt LeBlanc). Goldblum's character is very near his real life self and Joey mentions all the commercials Hayes does. Goldblum has been the voice of many commercials for years on TV. For that and his collaboration on Friends this is number six.

5. Jack Bellicec in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

The 1978 remake of this great classic of Sci-Fi/Horror was a nice hit staring Donald Sutherland and Goldblum again in a supporting role. Another great entry in the genre and helps to elevate Goldblum's filmography for the cult film lovers.

4. David Levinson in Independence Day 

For any actor there's a time to shine in genre films, author films, and then there are blockbusters. This big summer blockbuster reminds me of the first summer when my family moved in Quebec City, the film came out that year and I went to the theaters on its release day, I remember because I went with my little brother and my father who it is his birthday. The nerdy glasses and the very 1990's look of the unbuttoned shirt is now a reference of this time. 

3. Alistair Hennessey in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Earlier in this post I wrote quirky right? I think it is even more suitable for this film. It might be Wes Anderson's least appreciated film, so even said it his worst, but Jeff Goldblum is in all his splendor as Hennessey the other crew that rivals Steve Zissou. I must mention that Anderson is one of my favorite directors working today and that even if I haven't seen The Grand Budapest Hotel, I'm looking forward to Goldblum's performance in it. This kind of cinema let the actors go nuts with their characters and this was a great choice to cast this actor in this role.

2. Seth Brundle in The Fly (1986)

This might have been my number one but I kept something that I cherish even more for this spot. Jeff Goldblum in a David Cronenberg film: what can i ask more with that? Geena Davis his wife of the time to co-star. I think this is it. The Fly by Cronenberg is a Horror classic that is an essential for any fan of the director and Goldblum. Knowing that it is a remake I always refused to watch the original since the remake is so great. I like that Goldblum is the star of this one and that it is an underground success.

1. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park/The Lost World

I could ramble on and on about Jurassic Park and how I was 10 years old when it came out and how I watched to over and over on my VHS when we got it at home. The mathematician of Malcolm trying to score with Ellie (Laura Dern), getting on the nerves of Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) is still one of the best elements of this movie. This is another summer blockbuster but one of the most entertaining. It is also one of my favorite Steven Spielberg film of all time. 

So that's it for this top 7 performances by Jeff Goldblum. I hope you enjoyed it and let's just take this as a conversation starter! 
What should have been included? What should be the ranking in your opinion? Please have fun with the comments' section!


  1. Fun list! I'm glad you included several of my favorite films (and Goldblum roles). I'm especially happy that you included a nod to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, my favorite Wes Anderson film. I have a love for that movie that's frankly unnatural. Thanks again for joining the Goldblumathon, Michael!

    1. It was fun to make! Thanks and I'm glad you share the love of Steve Zissou!

  2. Good list. Can't say I disagree with the order.


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