Music Review : Caribou– Our Love (2014)

Caribou– Our Love (2014)

Artist Dan Snaith’s Our Love release under the moniker Caribou, is another electronic/pop notable release of 2014. Being a metal monger before any other genre, I try to give a couple of listens to other major records to at least get a grasp of what is notable and that could make a top list of the end of the year.

This electro-pop-indie-rock mix of contemporary music but also very melancholic in a way that it isn’t that fun fun happy pop one would expect from an electro-pop album. There’s a sense of atmosphere and melody that can relate a bit to M83 without the epicness of the motion picture scale that is in Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming!. Our Love plays on pop fields and is a bit more commercial but still a well composed record.

With All I Ever Need, Snaith revisits pop and impose his vision. While with Our Love (the song), this is electronic that takes all the stage. However, songs are hard to split into genres and it is the blend of all of Snaith’s explorations that makes the record hold together quite well.

HIs delivery as a singer is a bit off and seems distant but also correct with the fact that the album sounds a lot digital and his robotic tone may or may not get the public. At first listen it makes it an homogenic record except on Second Chance which features Jessy Lanza on one of the best songs of the album. The music goes places you would not expect from the vocals and Lanza’s presence is refreshing and helps to balance the sad tome of Snaith’s voice and his vision of love.

Snaith composes songs about love and the different phases of love in a relationship. He seems to have lived a lot of events in his love life with his wife of thirteen years and his child born in 2011.

Our Love is a record that may not connect with the listener at the first listen. But it slowly grows on you and the order of the songs makes a nice structure that let an evolution that is considerate. Amongst the plenty of records in 2014, especially in pop music, Caribou’s Our Love elevates itself with its nice blend of electronic/pop/indie. An intimate record of grandeur.

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