Most Expected Films of 2015

After my list of most expected albums for the New Year, I was more or less forced to make a short list of the films that will be out in 2015 that may deserve my interest.

Feel free to comment and challenge those picks since they are arbitrary chosen from a wider list of releases.

Mad Max : Fury Road I was agreably surprised to see original director, George Miller, attached to this project. Australia, Science-fiction, apocalyptic landscape : what’s not to like?
May 15

This might be a vehicule for Disney’s parks but I guess it will be visually stunning and revive a bit of the original spark that Walt indulged in his earlier films.
May 22

After being on HBO for eight years, the celebrated gang comes back with a movie. Will it be a Sex And the City or will the movie be as cool and entertaining as the serie…
June 5

Jurassic World
I was ten when the first instalment of this behemoth franchise was released. The trailer brought me back in this state of amazement and I was immediately hook with Chris Pratt’s presence.
June 12

The Jungle Book
Jon Favreau can make a good movie and I can’t say I didn’t liked any of his films. He might not be a game changer but he knows how to make films that work and take us away. The Jungle Book is a childhood favorite of mine. Looking forward to this one.
October 9

Chevy Chase.
October 9

Crimson Peak
Guillermo Del Toro knows how  to make horror. A promising gothic thriller.
October 16

The Peanuts Movie
Yeah I’m a fan of that too.
November 6

Midnight Special
Jeff Nichols. Mud and Take Shelter are mandatory.
November 25

Star Wars : The Force Awakens
I believe in JJ Abrams and he is bringing back magic in movies.
December 18

The Hateful Eight
The movie that could have not been. Even if QT was a diva about it let’s hope it is another nice blend of genres and teen fantasy of his.
December 25

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