Music Review : Melechesh – Enki (2015)

Music Review : Melechesh – Enki (2015)

Mostly known for being one of the most important Extreme Metal band coming from Israel, Melechesh who deported themselves in the Netherlands a few years ago claim to be playing Assyrian Metal mixing some elements of black, death, and middle eastern sonorities. In fact, they play a melodic extreme metal with some elements of orient music. However, never pushing it as Nile would go and introduce instrucments from the middle East or as great and meditative as OM.

With globalization, music and in this case metal has been all over the world and many bands from around the world have done many times the entire globe. With Global Metal, Scott McFayden and Sam Dunn have traveled and documented the genre in the most incongruous place on Earth. So this is no more a surprise when a band like Melechesh releases an album. Borders are now a simple label but music is now universal.

With Enki, the follow up to the celebrated 2010 release of The Epigenesis, which is by the way an average album that is not as ground breaking as many claimed. Well, Enki suffers even more from the comparison to its predecessor and from the many praises. This is an easy album to get into because it touches many paths that have been touched before. It sounds like a numeric version of early Keep of Kalessin that is too well produced and that lacks a deep that could elevate it from the average records.

I must admit that I am sure this is a crowd pleaser with its melodic guitars, nice drum parts, and the semi-guttural semi-clean vocals. Repeat listens don’t make this a better album unlike the dual records of Old Man Gloom for example.

It is too much a generic album that is inspired by classic metal and is far from being avant-garde or ground breaking. I guess that if you liked The Epigenesis you’ll be quite satisfied with the same formulaic offer that is Enki.

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