Music Review : Raised Fist – From the North (2015)

Music Review : Raised Fist – From the North (2015, Epitaph Records)

Sweden’s hardcore punk titans of Raised Fist are back with another record titled From the North that could situate them geographically from the other popular hardcore acts. In the early 2000’s hardcore and metalcore genres had been emerging and gained a wide spread popularity until emo and all its sub genres took the stage.

Back with a more mature record Raised Fist shifted their almost metal sound of old school hardcore is slowed down to let to more rock tempos than the usual fast songs. It is also a more commercial shift of their music and their release on Epitaph Records might be one of the explanations for this.

From the North is a solid effort and feels like a good album in the discography of Raised Fist. However, the evolution from Sound of the Republic has molded into more vast audiences and as a fan of their earlier releases it took me longer to get acquainted to From the North


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