The Return

It’s been a while since I was around dear readers and followers and I must admit having missed you all! Since our last encounters, back in April this year, we however left on a good note with a great film from the French master François Truffaut.

Pretty much of my writing was about music and new releases in Metal at Le Mot du Melomaniaque. Even there I kind of had an existential crisis or a dry spell. Low readership and less time to actually consume movies was the primary cause of this let down.

On the hand, I loss many of my peers when I got into this back in 2009 : John LaRue (The Droid You’re Looking For), Ed Howard (Only the Cinema), Squish Lessard (1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Blog Club), Kevyn Knox (The Most Beautiful Fraud In The World), Chris (Moviesandsongs365), Bonjour Tristesse, and many others have left the field due to multiple reasons. Lastly, a dear blogger friend of mine Chip Lary (Tips From Chip) passed away earlier this year. It saddened me to lose a person I've only known through a virtual reality but even if we could disagree about films we shared the same passion and it counted more than being always on the same opinion. 

On a happier note, Barry (Cinematic Catharsis) and Groggy Dundee (Nothing Is Written) are still at it. Through all of this, I find myself looking for my voice into all this evolution of the social networks and even if the trend of blogging is more or less on the descent I kind of want to keep writing and share my passion and my opinions.

This time I not pushing myself to achieve any goal other than to watch and review films I truly want to watch and write about. Maybe this year I’ve finally end up rewriting this damn review about Christmas Vacation

So no themes, no blogathons, no retrospectives only pure Cinema in a random selection from Cult films, pop flicks to timeless Classics.

This is my way of saying to all of you : I am still alive and I will hunt you down and kick a new review once in a while until I watch every damn film I receive from the nice promo people that are sending Blu-Ray copies to my home.

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