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My contribution to the blogosphere has been discreet lately and appart from posting a movie review here and there I haven’t participated in Blogathons or other events. So it was quite a surprise to be nominated for an award.

With a bit of surprise and recognition from Barry of Cinematic Catharsis, I am proudly accepting this award and give it a spin.

As for the nominees, you do whatever you want with this and it is just a way to tell you all that I appreciate your good work and you deserve every drop of the winner’s champagne. However, if you choose to accept, there are some rules that are part and parcel to the nomination:

Post the award on your blog.
Thank the person who nominated you.
Answer the 11 questions they sent.
Pick another 11 bloggers and let them know they are nominated.
Give them 11 new questions.

My responses to Cinematic Catharsis’ questions:

 1.      Name a favorite overlooked film that you can’t stop yakking about (even though other people probably wish you would).
Ingmar Bergman’s The Magician. It was done in the director’s most prolific era (Wild Strawberries, The Seventh Seal, The Virgin Spring) but doesn’t get the recognition it deserves as one of the master’s masterpieces. At least it got the Criterion treatment!

2.      What book would you like to see adapted into a movie?

The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I am currently reading it and it reminds me of The Name of the Rose. Slow paced but so well written it would be a great adaptation and I think maybe David Fincher could do impressive work with this novel.

3.      Why do you write about movies?

Blogging is more or less a mandatory exercise I force myself to achieve that helps me keep a road map of the films I’ve watched and relieves a creative side of my personality that my day job is not doing.

4.      What’s one of your true passions outside of films or blogging?

Since the mid 1990’s I’ve been snowboarding and skateboarding and more recently surfing. So I would call it standing sideways as a passion for board sports and getting my mind on one thing that helps me to forget about the monotony of adulthood and all the responsibilities for a couple of hours at a time. When carving a huge line in snow I have to be concentrated only on pushing on my edges correctly and perfecting my technique. Then, I can forget about my 200 things that are on my home improvement list.

5.      Going to the movie theatre: Is it a necessary component for enjoying films, or just a big hassle?

It is not necessary but it is the best way to watch a film if you ask me. However, we seem to never have the time to plan for a night at the movies anymore. But I will bring my daughter soon to share the passion with her. Since she gets hypnotized with Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig I bet she would love to go watch an animation flick on the big screen.

6.      What’s one of your fondest childhood memories of going to the movies?

To be honest, my family was not really wealthy and we would not be going to the movies that much. However, my parents would rent VHS on Saturday nights and we would be watching one or two movies in the evening. I remember being in our pyjamas and watching family movies like Beethoven and Tom Hanks comedies like The Money Pit and Big.

7.      If you suddenly became unstuck in time like Billy Pilgrim, what era would you want to live in?

Had to do a little search to remind myself who was Billy Pilgrim. Although, big fan of Kurt Vonnegut here. I would be split between the late 1980’s when snowboard was becoming what it is today and everything was simpler that time. Also a fan of 1980’s Horror and cult films of that time.
As a professional Historian there is not really a time I would be that willing to go back to because it seems to never have any perfect time to live in but I would explore Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome as a curiosity. Medieval times seem too difficult and dark. The roaring twenties in New York City would be great too with Jazz and all those post Great War excesses.

8.      Where do you stand on the physical media vs. streaming debate?

For the accessibility and the spreading of the media I think that streaming is ideal but as a professionnal archivist I still have a soft spot for the physical media and a huge library of DVDs and Blu-Ray films at home.

9.      What’s your least favorite film genre?

Probably Fantasy and Superhero films because the pattern is often repeated ad nauseam and I think that there is not enough substance other than special effects.

10.  Name a favorite film that’s not in the Criterion Collection, but should be.
The Shining, since there are already some of Kubrick’s films in the Collection they should all be there and this is my personal favorite.

11.  Name an acclaimed film that you’re ashamed to admit you haven’t seen.
Zhang Yimou’s Raise The Red Lantern might top that long list of acclaimed films I still need to watch.

Here are my nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

Virginie Pronovost, The Wonderful World of Cinema

Kevin Laforest, Extra Beurre

Philip Concannon, Phil on Film

Barry, Cinematic Catharsis (because it’s my turn and I can do whatever I want with it)

And my questions for you, dear bloggers:

Name three films you would bring with you on a desert island.
Name the current or classic movie stars you would 1. marry, 2. kill, and 3. spend a night with?
Name a film you hated the first time you watched it and that you learned to love with time or after rewatching it?
Are you a Sports fan? If yes, what sport and which team is your team?
Do you make an event of watching the Oscars or you find it dull? If you do something special what is it and who is with you?
Could there be too many Blogathons?
Do you have blogging goals?
They announced an adaptation of your biography, which director should direct it and who should portray yourself?
What is your opinion on biopics?
Are you able to dissociate an artist and his personal life? (read here : the charges on Roman Polanski for example)

What is the blog post you are the most proud of?

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