Up in the Air un film de Jason Reitman

From the director of Juno and Thank You for Smoking, Jason Reitman son of Ivan, presents a sometimes romantic / sometimes drama / sometimes comedy / sometimes off-beat film of a man Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) who's job is his perfect life; he is hired by companies to fire people all around America. He loves to travel and he loves the fact that he has no strings attached anywhere. Until, his dreamjob meets technology and new advancements. Well, I don't want to ruin any punch to anyone, so my summary will end here. I think it's a very good story.

I enjoyed Juno and all its teenage goofyness melancholy and I haven't seen Thank You for Smoking yet. But, I had many problems with Up in the Air that doesn't seem to fit into comedy or drama or romantic comedy. I don't need a film to be defined as clear as black and white but sometimes the situations don't fit into any genre and some scenes go everywhere. On the other side I disliked the fact that they had to put scenes of interviews with people who had been fired who express their feelings and their motivations to make the film more human. It's a cold film and the color I could put on that movie is definitly Grey. Like Bingham's apartment, it has no personnality and you don't want to stay there.

Anyway, the film is off-beat but it's not like if you're stuck in a traffic jam, it flows right and the rythm is good. I really liked the story but in my opinion, it was not well exploited. The first act goes really well but after I think some strings are messed up big time. For this reason I think it's the kind of movie you like when just watched it. And then, five years later you don't really need to see it again and you don't really want to either.

A movie review by Michaël Parent

7 / 10

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