Record of a Tenement Gentleman un film de Yasujiro Ozu - Retrospective

As Ozu's films this one is a domestic drama/comedy. The story begins when a little child (Kohei) is brought to a widow, Tane, that didn't had children. The kid was lost and his father loose him on his way to Tokyo. The lady don't want the child and does a long trip to find his father. They don't find him and she agrees to keep him at her home. She is angry of the events and she is mean and bitter against the little boy. She thinks a child is a nuisance to her life. Until the day he got away and she looses him, he misses her so much that when he comes back she changes completely her beings with him. Tane even wants to adopt the little Kohei... But events won't let her.

This is another amazingly deep and poignant film from Yasujiro Ozu. Without huge technical manoeuvres and a very sober directing style that caracterizes his most known films Ozu can tell a moving story in his own purged technique. Every Ozu film I've seen has something particular even if they have similar visual signature. They feel light and tender on the outside but they treat of heavy domestic issues. In this case it's a woman's discovery of her maternal instinct and need.

A Film Retrospective by Michaël Parent

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