The Simpsons by John Ortved (Unauthorized History)

This uncensored and unauthorized history of the famous cartoon The Simpsons is a must read to all the fans of this sitcom. When I was 6 the show began on television and the definition of cartoon completly changed for me. Everyday after school I was watching The Simpsons in French at 4:30 and in English at 5:00. It has been a part of my life for twenty years even with the lack of quality the show has showned us I consider myself a fan! It changed the face of television, of comedy, and of the American culture by being incorprated in it.

From the first works of its creator, Matt Groening to the more recent episodes, you have here an analysis of how they managed to create the show, and how they manage to present a new episode each week for more than 20 years now! Made with interviews and opinions of the people who worked on the show, John Ortved delivers a clear and funny view of behind the scenes of the most popular family in television.

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