The 25 most influential directors of All-time: the Results

As promised, here are the results of the six lists submitted and the compilation of many lists established by many references in Cinema.

Without any surprise the top 2 entries are Hitch and Welles, It comes interesting with the third place; Kurosawa, who is the only filmmaker that stands on every list and reference.

There are only two ties, on the twelfth place, Spielberg and Wilder and on the last position, Cassavetes and Dreyer.

This is a nice melting pot of the most recognized directors of all time and it sould be regarded as a good starting list of directors to check up to learn about films.

1. Alfred Hitchcock 361 pts
2. Orson Welles 347 pts
3. Akira Kurosawa 325 pts
4. Stanley Kubrick 278 pts
5. Ingmar Bergman 265 pts
6. John Ford 223 pts
7. Martin Scorsese 214 pts
8. Federico Fellini 194 pts
9. Jean Renoir 189 pts
10. Jean-Luc Godard 188 pts
11. Howard Hawks 149 pts
12. (tie) Steven Spielberg 138 pts
- (tie) Billy Wilder 138 pts
14. Francis Ford Coppola 126 pts
15. Charles Chaplin 119 pts
16. Luis Bunuel 111 pts
17. Yasujiro Ozu 89 pts
18. Sergei Eisenstein 87 pts
19. F.W. Murnau 82 pts
20. David Wark Griffith 75 pts
21. Woody Allen 73 pts
22. Robert Bresson 72 pts
23. David Lean 64 pts
24. Fritz Lang 60 pts
25. (tie) John Cassavetes 58 pts
(tie)Carl Theodor Dreyer 58 pts

Thanks again for your contributions!

The voters were:

Jeffrey M. Anderson
Phil Concannon
Ed Howard
Jonathan Nadeau
Michaël Parent
Iain Stott

The lists:

The Cinematheque
Digital Dreamdoor
Entertainment Weekly
Sight & Sound 2002 Poll (critics)
Sight & Sound 2002 Poll (directors)
They Shoot Pictures Don't They?
Total Film


  1. What an optimist...
    Where's Tony Scott and Ridley Scott and whoever else Michael Bay likes?

  2. Good question Andrew! I personnally think Ridley Scott has been very influential with his earlier work too! Bay isn't in my favourites but it's just my own opinion...
    You know you can send me your picks and, for all those who haven't send a list yet, I will compilate new entries.
    For those who already sent a list you have to wait for June 23rd 2011 to send new entries!

  3. Where Tarkovsky,Powell,Visconti,Rosselini,

  4. I know! You are invited to join the poll this year and change the results as well! 25 is so few picks!


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