Keep your friends closer - Entourage Season 1

Entourage Season 1 (2004)

The story: The emerging Hollywood young star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) from New York lives with his brother Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) an unemployed actor, his best friend/career advisor Eric Murphy (Kevin Connlly) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) the guy that takes care of details like driving the car and buying things for the guys.

This quatuor couldn't be complete without Vincent's agent, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and the many girls the guys meet.

In the first place, the main idea of the show is to bring four guys next door into the Hollywood parties and business. They discover how fame is easy/sleazy and how it's also difficult to do want you really want to do. This is not a series with big dramatic issues but we quickly fell into the family and it's a fun ride.

HBO doesn't censors its shows and it's something that keeps the integrity of its productions. It's fun to know that Executive producer Mark Walhberg gave meat to the bone of the show by basing the story on his personal career.

The Season 1 of the show has only 8 episodes and sets the many characters into places. The best scenes are when Ari is present. Piven gives performances that may seems overacted but when you became acquainted with him you become to understand what kind of unpredictable character he is.

I'm finishing the Season 2 and I can say that with time the characters tend to become deeper as the story goes. However, they keep their smart mouth and the locker room talk never stops!

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