Pi (Darren Aronofsky, 1998)

Widely inspired by David Lynch's first feature/masterpiece, Eraserhead, Darren Aronofsky's Pi is a multi-layered black and white nightmare. After having been blast away by his The Wrestler, stunned by his Requiem For A Dream I don't know how to handle Pi. I may be need to see his The Fountain to fully apreciate and understand the complexity and real/unreal meaning of is 1998 debut.

The story; a mathematician wants to resolve an equation that will solve the logic behind the stock market and behind everything in the universe. We follow this dense and weird path of this strange character, his relations with his neighbors, his sponsors, a sect of Jews and some ants.

I warn you this is an uncommon and uneasy film, but with multiple viewings the quality of what it has to present just gets deeper and deeper. Just like Lynch's Eraserhead, it is destined to be a cult classic film.

Looking forward to the december release of Black Swan I wanted to catch up on the work of one of the most promising directors of the 21st century with the viewing of Pi. I recommend this film to open minded cinephiles only which I am but nonetheless I prefered his The Wrestler and his Requiem For A Dream way more than his Pi.

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