Allemagne année 90

Allemagne année 90 (Jean-Luc Godard, 1991)

A title linking back to Roberto Rossellini's masterpiece: Germany Year Zero and the return of Eddie Constantine as the famous Lemmy Caution already used by Godard himself in his Alphaville, Allemagne année 90 promises a lot to the cinephiles of these references.

Well, Jean-Luc Godard's post 1960's films are characterized by their unnarratives and bold symbolism. His usual language tries to evoke the work of Marxists historians. His missives about the young 1990's are destructives. He criticizes the fall of the Berlin Wall, the victory of liberalism over communism and he sees the future of the world to come in his own particular pessimistic vision. This Antonionesque picture of a wandering Lemmy Caution walking through the ruins of communism and within the ghosts of a world freshly deceased feels like if you are watching an anachronism surrounded by industrial giants and the ghost of Karl Marx.
Caution illustrates the romantic though f the old world that disappeared with the Cold War.

However, the many levels of understanding from this Godard film will probably unravel after multiple viewings. Anyhow, Allemagne année 90 is one of Godard's most appealing picture in years.

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