Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz (Edgar Wright, 2007)

From the same team who did the refreshing Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost comes this policeman - police officer comedy. It has been a while since a duet of comedians (Pegg/Frost) has seem this united and confortable in subsequent comedies. The two looklike two friends who always played together. No surprise they were chosen to impersonate Dupond-Dupont in the Tintin picture Spielberg is currently working on. They look like two brothers from a different mother and a different father. In other words they physically don't look like each other but here stops the divergences.

This is the story of Nick Angel, the perfect police officer working in London obliged to work in the quiet small town of Stanford. Angel is too stiff for this mellow smooth office of cake eaters policemans. Until one day a series of unexplained deaths leads Angel to rethink about the little town and its loose behaviors and laws.

Well, even if Hot Fuzz isn't as hilarious as Shaun of the Dead was it still has its moments of pure comedy.

The script has some flaws and characters tend to be over stereotyped. In this case I tend to think that the stereotype just helps the comedy.

The direction is inventive and tight editing gives a refreshing movie for the genre. The genre was mixed like what they did with the mix of Rom-com and Zombie movie in Shaun of the Dead. The cuts between the genres is better handled in Hot Fuzz and it doesn't a break as much as in the previous film.

In the whole, Hot Fuzz is a good comedy with very hype actors and efficient gags. It just needed a stronger script to hit the next level of excellence.


  1. I think I laughed at this film as much as I did at Shaun of the Dead. I loved the Q&A session where the local policeman kept asking the supercop about all the things that only happen in action movies - "Have you ever dove through the air whilst firing two guns?" - and then they proceed to do those things by the end of the film.

  2. Very efficient comedy with a fresh approach!


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