L'ami de mon amie

L'ami de mon amie (Eric Rohmer, 1987)

Rohmer's films have been discussed a lot in the last year on this blog. Well, except the fact that he died earlier in 2010, I have been digging into this master's filmography.

L'ami de mon amie, is a part of Rohmer's 1980's films. It's interesting as a whole but at some points it gets in its conventionnalism. Also a little too much on the melodramtic and on the romantically side of things. This little film evolves around the availability and the disponibility of lovers and their match. Two friends date men they are not so muchy interested in but they need their company. When things get mixed up they discover that the we're mismatched and that the right couple can hurt their friendship but also help them gain a passionnate love story.

The "mise en scène" of L'ami de mon amie is very simple and this is a trend that Rohmer tended to go to with his films of the 1980's. Like if with his aging he took the same approach as Yasujiro Ozu took with his latter films of subtle beauty and simple narratives. Well, it helps the feature to gain authenticity by almost hidding the fact that the viewer sits as the same as the camera. Without much of camera movement and absent multi angles editing. A one shot deal when possible.

Despite, its interesting facets, L'ami de mon amie, isn't as original and well spirited as Le rayon vert or many other of Rohmer's films.


  1. I have a real soft spot for this one, it's utterly light and fluffy and charming and I find it very moving and fun in its simple, direct way. It might lack the heft of some of the other "Comedies and Proverbs" films, but like the others it's beautiful in an unshowy way (with a nice, subtle feel for color and setting) and its minimal romantic plot provides a loose foundation for Rohmer's typical dialogues on love and fate.

  2. I agree with you Ed, but I thought it was sometimes a little too naive in its charm. It reminded me also of a Woody Allen picture like his Manhattan maybe...
    Next Rohmer I'll watch is L'arbre, le Maire et la médiathèque you've just reviewed on your wonderful blog!


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