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The Most Influentials Directors of All Time POLL returns!

 Last year was a blast and I received some interesting lists when I asked you to provide the Top 25 most influential directors of all time!

I've decided to hit it back this year but adding more specifics:
- Rank the Top 10 most influential directors of all time or The 10 MOST Important Directors. Influential is used as important, the ones who changed the way films are/were made.
- Entries are accepted until June 23 2011, 23:59 EST.
- Send your lists @michael.parent@hotmail.com
- Spread the word to all movie/film lovers out there.
- Put the banner on your Blog/Website.
- Have fun!

Rules: points are awarded as follows 10 for number one spot, 9 for number 2, 8 for number 3 and on...

See last year's Results


  1. Cool idea, I'll put the banner on my blog now!

  2. Yeah this should be interesting.

  3. Thanks Jack for the link much appreciated! I'm looking forward to see your entries!

    You are welcomed too Bonjour Tristesse!

  4. interesting post :) I think I will make a top 15 list in a month or so :) By he way, AWESOME BLOG!

  5. Thanks Tom! I'm looking forward to read your list! feel free to send it to (michael.parent@hotmail.com) me to get it posted here!

  6. First of all, I'm so glad I found this place. You have a really killer site going on here and I'm looking forward to diving more and more into it.

    Second, I'll be submitting a list very soon. My only point of clarification- it looks like last year, you had 25. Do you want 10 or 25?

    This is a really awesome project, sort of a "wisdom of the herd" type of thing. I'm just worried that I won't be able to keep my personal biases out of the equation.

  7. Well, now it's 10 entries but you can make a list of 25 for fun! Thanks for participating!

    I'm glad you like the place too!

  8. Great idea. I added your poll to my site as well. Love the site. Keep up the good work!

  9. So nice of you! I'm looking forward to receive all your entries!

  10. I will be making my list very soon, and probably since I tend to ramble on, it will be a list of 25 instead of 10 - hope that is alright.

    I will be posting the list on my blog as well as sending it to you - hope that is alright as well.

    Keep up the great work with your blog.

  11. Excellent! I'm looking forward to read your list Kevyn! The number of directors is up to you but only the top 10 will be counted as official entries.

    Thanks for Spreading the word and the kudos!

  12. Actually I couldn't narrow it down under 30, so that is what we got. Of course only the top 10 will count toward the poll but still I am listing 30.

    I will post my list The Most Beautiful Fraud in the World either Monday or Tuesday (and will send you the link and list).

    Thanx again for doing this and keep up the great work.

  13. Great! Thanks so much for participating!

    Every extra director will be listed so we'll be enjoying every one of your awesome picks!


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