Star reviewer of the Month

Please be ready for this great announcement: Michaël Parent has been named the Star reviewer of the month of August 2011 at 7tavern. This is a platform where I also publish my reviews.

Now it's time for this speech I always make with my bottle of shampoo in the shower. First I'd like to say that I am truly honoured to be the satr of the month, after so many years of struggling through the lower obscure depths of movie blogging, film reviewing, low traffic and few comments I am truly happy to see that the tears and the sweet were worth the reward!

I'd like to thank my girlfriend soon-to-be my wife in 18 days exactly, who always believed in me, my dreams, and who supported me by reading my reviews and being always straighforward and honest. You give me the inspiration and the motivation to surpass myself and be better at what I love everyday!
I also want to thank one of my best friends the filmmaker Christian Audet, with who I can exchange about our common passion: Cinema. Our discussions always put another log into the fire of this love for Films.
My influences are: François Truffaut, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Kevyn Knox, Jeffrey Anderson, and many others but you four are great models to look up to!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who reads my post and don't comment. But an even bigger thanx to the ones who did leave a comment: you all give me the swing to continue this nice little blog that could.

Follow this link if you want to discover more about this wonderful announcement!


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