News: Directors Guild chooses film award nominees

(Reuters) - Filmmakers Woody Allen, David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Alexander Payne and France's Michel Hazanavicius were nominated for Directors Guild film awards Monday -- a honor that is often a key indicator of Oscar success.
Hazanavicius, 44, scored his first Directors Guild of America (DGA) nomination for his black and white silent movie about old Hollywood, "The Artist," which has wowed critics since its premier at the Cannes film festival in May.

The French director joined U.S. veterans Scorsese and Allen, who were nominated for their work on 3D family film "Hugo" and comedy "Midnight in Paris," respectively.

Fincher scored his third DGA nomination for the U.S. version of Swedish writer Stieg Larsson's thriller "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," while Payne notched up his second nod for dysfunctional family drama "The Descendants" starring George Clooney.
The DGA has a strong track record of foreshadowing the eventual winner of the best director Oscar, and the Academy Award for best movie also goes to the winner of best director. Since 1948, there are only six occasions when the DGA award winner has not gone on to win the corresponding Academy Award.
The DGA hands out its award at ceremony in Los Angeles on Jan 28 in Hollywood, and it will be hosted this year by former "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer. (Source)
With this news, I just can't say how much I am surprised to see that they already overpassed Terrence Malick as a contender for the Best Director award. It's a shame because his colossal work on The Tree of Life is worth at least for a strong nomination. It also announces that the Academy will omit his candidature for the precious statuette...
I will write it just once and I hope to never write those words anymore in front of an aberration like this but it is my reaction to this announcement: WHAT THE F--K! Don't get me wrong I am very happy for Allen, Scorsese, Fincher, Payne, and Hazanavicius it is all well deserved but the near-masterpiece of the year and its director doesn't even get mentioned?
Read my full review of The Tree of Life.


  1. Yes.. It's a shame.. Imo, The Tree of Life is the best picture of 2011..

  2. This is an opinion I agree with you!


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