Top Films of Orson Welles by LMdC

1. Citizen Kane (1941)
2. The Trial (1963)

3. The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
4. Othello (1952)
5. Touch of Evil (1958)
6. Lady From Shanghai (1948)

7. Chimes at Midnight (1966)
8. Macbeth (1948)
9. The Stranger (1946)
10. Mr. Arkadin (1955)

I still need to see: Don Quixote (1955) The Fountain of Youth (1956) The Immortal Story (1968) F for Fake (1973) Filming Othello (1978)


  1. Huh. For some reason I thought I had seen more Orson Welles' films. Perhaps that's because he appeared in so many others as an actor. As it turns out, I've only seen Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil. Completely agree on Kane being number one, of course.

    1. Welles had to star into many films to be able to sell-produce his own films and have the freedom of creation he wanted. You have seen two of his greatest films!

  2. I just saw The Magnificent Ambersons the other day. What a really great movie.

    I'm very slowly making my way through Welles. I've seen five of his movies at this point, and for some reason, I only see one a year. But I've really liked all of them.

    1. The Magnificent Ambersons is a great film but I only wish that Orson Welles would have had edited it himself instead of Robert Wise supervised by the studios. Poor old Welles, it was his combat for all his films to get his director's cut...

      Welles is one of the most important directors and taking the time to fully digest his oeuvre is not a bad idea. His films are rich and superbly done. I would suggest the book This is Orson Welles by him and Peter Bogdanovich. A must!


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