The Movie Suggestion of the Day – June 25th 2013

The first of a not so daily feature that presents in a few lines a movie and why I choose it to be the movie viewing of the day.
Of the many viewers and readers of this blog, few people know that June 24th is the day that Québécois celebrate their National identity. Don’t get me wrong here, I'm not doing any politics but I’m showcasing my movie selection for this day : Québec-Montréal directed by Ricardo Trogi. It is a very good comedy that presents multiple stories involving multiple characters on a summer day on the road from Québec to Montréal. It takes a ride of more or less two hours and thirty minutes between both cities and living in Québec (Quebec City) I can share my load of stories involving this road.
What do you think of this suggestion? Did I forgot another movie that would be perfectly suited for this day?


  1. Happy Québec Day! Yout suggestion seems perfect, though I have not seen it. I like your idea for a daily suggestion.

    For others that want to celebrate but don't have acces to Québec-Montréal, Monsieur Lazhar is available right now on Netflix Instant. It is directed by Philippe Falardeau, is in French, and takes place in Montréal. It's about an Algerian refugee who takes a job as a substitute in a school that has been traumatized by the suicide of a teacher. I liked it. Have you seen that?

    1. Thanks Marie! I haven't seen Monsieur Lazhar but it's on my list and I know it is pretty good! Falardeau is a very talented filmmaker I have seen his Congorama. A bit off beat but really enjoyable at some level.


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