Recommended Readings: The Best Film You’ve Never Seen by Robert K. Elder

The Best Film You’ve Never Seen: 35 Directors Champion the Forgotten or the Critically Savaged Movies They Love (Robert K. Elder, 2013)

Published June 1st 2013, this series of lesser known or underground films gives even a path that even the initiated of movies haven’t taken. It is also very interesting that the directors picked are still working today and they truly and madly love those films.

I bought this in my recent trip to New York City at the MoMA gift shop. I would recommend this reading to any film lover out there that has a guilty pleasure of a film that the snobs has contempt. Being a film lover or a cinephile, as we call ourselves like snobs, we tend to raise the bar very high with the established classics of Vertigo, Citizen Kane, and Singin’ In the Rain. But what it comes with the overall films that are automatically discarded and not even released on DVD? They are not all hated and loathed as the lesser work of a studio and filmmakers. There is always someone somewhere that actually enjoyed and appreciated this film. As film lover it is also our duty to watch films that could have been over passed and maybe get the recognition they may have get at first place.

Get this book and champion your forgotten or critically savaged personal movie!


  1. I haven't heard of this book, but it sounds like essential reading.

    1. It is Barry! It just came out in June 2013. They're still hot! Edler also wrote a book with 30 directors about each one's film that inspired them to direct movies! It is on my Amazon wishlist...


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