March Update: Mike's Movie Goals 2014

Last year when I made my resolutions for 2013 I pretty much made a list of films that were films I wanted to watch in priority and some blindspot directors. Just look at my original post here.
During the year, I modified those goals and I got circling around the list because I thought it was already too planned for me. I still like to follow my moods when I choose a movie to watch. This is why as you’ll see I’ve kept a certain freedom in my goals for 2014 and instead of listing a definite list of films I wanted to watch, I  will challenge myself to mix things up with a wider range of goals.

Remember this banner?

Québécois films
No new films here, it means I'll need to do some catching up later.

My goal is 12 for the year or one per month.
So far : 1/ 12 (J'ai mon voyage!)

The Globetrotter Section
Nice continuity here, but I'll have to open it up for new borders and take more foreign trips.

For 2014, my goal is to watch at least a film per continent (America (South), Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania) and from thirty different countries.

So far : 2/5 continents 8/30 countries (France, Iran, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Belgium, India, South Korea)

The Academy Awards
As much as I wanted to watch them all before the big night, I missed three of the Best Picture Nominees. However, I'll be watching them soon and review them here. In order I saw the ones listed below.

So far: 6/9 (American Hustle, Gravity, Her, Dallas Buyers Club, Twelve Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street)

The 1000 Greatest Films of All Time 
With the update of the list on February 18th, I've got back to 603 films watched and 397 to watch. However, with 10 films in February I'm pretty happ qith my result and still target watching 100 films from the list.

So far : 20/100  
February (Syndromes and a Century, Destiny, Ace in the Hole, The Tiger of Eschnapur, Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Young Mr. Lincoln, The Terminator, The Music Room, Oldboy)

January (Point Blank, Hoop DreamsOne, Two, Three, Through the Olive Trees, Shoah, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Tropical Malady, The Big Heat, The Docks of New York, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

The Martin Scorsese Completist
For the Oscars I watched Marty's latest which I liked to different degrees but still far from being the master's most notable films.

Here’s a list of the ones I still haven’t seen : Hugo, Living in the Material World, A Letter to Elia, No Direction Home, The Blues, Kundun, A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies.

So far : 1/8 (The Wolf of Wall Street)

2012 Sight and Sound Poll – Top 250 by Critics
Two in February, I'll be digging more of them soon enough!

So far : 196/250  
February (Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles, The Music Room)

January (Shoah, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recal His Past Lives, Tropical Malady)
John Ford

Great Directors Section 
I saw one John Ford, two Langs and a Wilder.I'll have to catch up for Jean Renoir, Ford and Lang.

So far : 1/10 Ford (Young Mr. Lincoln)
3/10 Lang (The Big Heat, Destiny, The Tiger of Eschnapur) 0/5 Renoir  
4/5 Wilder (The Fortune Cookie, The Last Weekend, One, Two, Three, Ace in the Hole)

Different Voices
With a great start in January, I was almost sitting in common directors chairs in February except for Akerman which was a great new vision to discover.

So far : 9/25 February (Chantal Akerman)

January (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Greg Mottola, Jacques Russo, Steve James, Claude Lanzmann, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Kon Ichikawa, Denis Héroux)

So what do you think of those goals? Did you planned some movie related resolutions this year?

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