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Hi folks!

Many things have happened to me lately, I became a father on Friday the 13 of June on a full moon night of a beautiful baby girl that my wife and I decided to name Sofia Parent.
I know that this date will now be linked with the most beautiful day of my life tied with my wedding with the lady that shares my life since September 2001.
So now, I'm on a parental leave that brings me to a break from work until August 11th. So far, it is a nice summer with short nights but beautiful moments.

On the side of the blog related news, I've decided to join many Blogathons this summer and sparse my posts but to contribute more to the community.

Here is my schedule so far:

July 12
The John Ford Blogathon with a piece on Seven Women.

July 13
Accidentally Hilarious Blogathon with my writing about Night of the Ghouls directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr.

August 1
The Goldblumathon and my contribution with a top of Jeff Goldblum's performances.

August 3
The British Invaders Blogathon will be highlighted with a review of If... by Lindsay Anderson.

August 29
The 1984-A-Thon and my review of John Cassavetes's Love Streams.

For now, it is pretty much all that I have planned here with some reviews here and there but I'm not planning on being as regular as I was with my 3 to 4 posts a week. So stay tuned for those papers and let me know about Blogathons or events I may have missed!

And I'm even more present than ever on Twitter @parentmichael. Make sure to follow and I'll follow back!

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