The Most Expected Albums of 2015

The Most Expected Albums of 2015

With my recent post on the Best Albums of 2014 I’ve wrapped up 2014 for music. Now let’s have a look at  what is coming and what are the most expected albums of 2015.

Panda Bear
Meets The Grim Reaper – January 12

Being honest with you all, I’m a big fan of everything Noah Lennox does from Animal Collective to Panda Bear with his glimpse into Daft Punk’s Getting It Right. There’s a lot of anticipation for this album and whatever Panda Bear has in stock for us I’m sure it is fresh and genuine.

Frontschwein – January 19

With my ever lasting penchant for Extreme Metal, Swedish legendary performers of Marduk’s new release is always something at least worth my time to listen. In fact, they are always a sure shot and even if they don’t produce masterpieces anymore, Serpent Sermon was a solid effort.


Mount Eerie
Sauna – February 3

With Mount Eerie’s Phil Elvrum we can expect anything. From Indie-rock textures to black metal ambiances, Sauna is sure to be an interesting new offering from this one of a kind singer/musician/composer.


In Times – March 6

Norwegian Metal is in general mistakenly or rightly linked to satanic rituals and church burnings. In the case of Enslaved, a black/Viking Metal band inspired by the likes of Prog rock icons Rush, it is my the ancient Scandinavian religions that these masters at mixing violent music and beautiful compositions that we are expecting.


Faith No More
TBD – April

A legendary band that doesn’t need any presentation is getting back with a new record. I just hope that it will meet the high expectations.


Giorgio Moroder
74 Is The New 24 – TBA

The father of modern pop music is back with a new offering. Many younger music enthusiasts discovered the old master with Daft Punk’s song on Random Access Memories. But Moroder worked with Bowie (listen to Cat People), and made many motion pictures soundtracks (Midnight Express).


King Diamond

The Godfather of black metal and the direct child of Genesis and Alice Cooper, King Diamond is back from his heart surgery and stronger than ever. Almost 60 and still killing it!



The German masters of thrash metal are on a streak of great albums since Enemy of God, Hordes of Chaos, and Phantom Antichrist. Their new stuff will be noticeable since I could listen to Kreator thrash for an entire week without getting tired.


Another survivor and pioneer, Lemmy and Motörhead are what I call classic. I can’t get behind the drums and not jam at least one or two tracks from Motörhead’s repertoire. Even if the latest albums are formulaic I still hope to be surprised by a new album.



The band that takes itself a bit too seriously since a couple of albums even if they managed to master anything they get to do is by rumors getting back to their more alternative rock sound with their new record. Anyhow, The 2nd Law was one of the best records lately and even if it was painted Queen all over it and so cheesy I thought that it was quite good. Muse can do whatever they want and this is why I still believe in them even after the very average release of The Resistance.


With all that said, what are the albums you are most expecting for 2015? Any albums I may have missed in 2014?



  1. I loved Random Access Memories, so I'll check out Giorgio Moroder and Panda Bear next year, thanks for the info! For 2015, I'm looking forward to Lost Themes by John Carpenter, the preview track Vortex is great. Dear Tommy by Chromatics is another TBA I'll be listening to.

    1. Thanks for the hint on Carpenter's album and Chromatics. Kill for Love was an album a discovered later but that I spin often.


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