Liebster blog Award

Virginie Pronovost’s 11 Questions :

1- If you had the chance to play any movie character, which one would you choose?

Since I’m not an actor I think this is a difficult question to answer. To pick one I think I would say Marty McFly. The Back to the Future trilogy was one of the first series of films I ever watched repeatedly. Every time it would play on TV I would watch it again and again. In fact, I know the dialogues by heart and it is really annoying to anyone to watch it with me.

2- Which movie made you discover the world of classic films?

Interesting question because I never really had to get into classic films. They were there and I got into movies that I thought looked interesting and enjoyable at first. Then came the Masterpiece list of Mediafilm. It then became my obsession to watch them all and if I have to name just one it would be F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu.

3- What are your three most favorite decades in films?

Probably surprising a bit but the 1960’s, the 1970’s is a given, and the 1980’s. Since I’m a huge fan of the French New Wave and the emerging New Hollywood the 1960’s are so important in my mind. Then the director era of the 1970’s gave so many masterpieces and defined films and even TV shows of today. Then the question mark of the answer, the 1980’s, well, I was born in this decade and many films especially Science-fiction and Horror of this decade have left a permanent mark for me. Sometimes, I’m thinking about concentrating my blog on this decade only.

4- With whom do you watch your  films?

Usually alone, the last film I watched was an Iranian film, The Wind Will Carry Us, a masterpiece by the way, and my dog stayed near me all the time. He is the best pal when it comes to stay in the dark with me. Sometimes my wife will be with me for contemporary films. Most of the time I’m alone and concentrated on the television.

5- What movie star do you enjoy the most listening to their interviews and why?

I remember watching clips of the Dick Cavett show on YouTube and I must say that even if he was not a movie star himself he had such a knowledge of films and knew how to interview from Frank Capra to Ingmar Bergman. Cavett had huge stars on his show and to me he was the real star.

6- What do you think was the best screenplay ever written and why?

Taxi Driver, so introspective gritty and sadly true to what’s happening with many shootings lately. It is also one of my favorite film of all time.

7- You have the chance to visit one movie set during an entire day and discover its secrets.
Which set do you choose?

The sets of The Shining or any Stanley Kubrick set in fact. Just to feel the atmosphere and see the details he always put everywhere. But The Shining because I’d like to understand the architecture of the fake hotel and feel the whole thing. I love the haunting aspect of the Overlook Hotel.

8- You try to convince someone to watch classic films. What is your major argument to convince him or her?

I don’t like to have to convince people to watch films. If they are not interested they won’t be receptive and this is even worse than not showing the film.

9- Is there a movie everybody has seen you are ashamed to admit you never saw it?

There are a lot of movies I feel I’m a bit ashamed to have not seen yet, here’s a list : L’eclisse, The Sting, Good Will Hunting, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Red Desert, and many more.

10- Do you own some movie posters? If yes, which ones?

Taxi Driver and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, both hanged proudly in my basement. I know this feels guy movies but both are on my top 10 list.

11- You are invited to a costume ball and you have to dress up as a movie character or a movie star. Which one do you choose?

Definitely and without a doubt costumed as Chaplin’s the Tramp. Such an icon of Cinema and one of my favorite actors of all time.

11 things about me :

1-As my day job I am an Archivist and I work for a public transportation company.

2-About ten years ago, my life goal was to become a movie director. Then a film critic which is something I continue to hope for sometime. I’d also like to be writing about History of film as well.

3-Music also has an important spot in my interests and I play the drums. My musical tastes are really wide but I am mostly listening to Metal in all its sub genres.

4-My favorite author is Stephen King and I think he might be one of the most important American novelists of his time. Even if most of the adaptations of his novels are not quite as good as the original material.

5-As you might know, if you are following this blog for some time, I don’t specialize my blog on any time span or any genre and I never discard a film. To me, films are created equal it’s their appreciation that makes them different from one to another.

6-Besides movie blogging I skateboard, snowboard and run with my black Labrador dog called Elliott. One of the things I love the most is to travel with my wife. We’ve been on many trips together : Switzerland, France, Italy, California, Chicago, Disney World, Hawaii, etc.

7-I have a one year old (almost 14 months) daughter (Sofia) with my lovely wife of four years.

8-The top 3 films I love the most are : Taxi Driver, The Shining, and La règle du jeu.

9-My favorite time of the year is Christmas and I love to listen to Xmas music from late November to Christmas day. I own a pretty big vinyl record collection of Christmas music. But to be honest, I prefer all the hype before the actual holiday and the whole preparation of it than the actual celebration.

10-With time and experience I developed an interest to work with wood and I am planning on making wooden toys to my daughter pretty soon.

11-I am a Quebecois and I live in Quebec City home of the defunct NHL team Nordiques. For those who don’t know a thing about Quebec, it is situated in Northeast Canada and close to New England states of the USA.

11 blogs I nominate for the Liebster blog Award

11 questions for the 11 blogs nominated :

1-What is your best film related memory?

2-Citizen Kane or How Green Was My Valley? Why?

3-Frank Capra or Howard Hawks? Why?

4-What is your favorite movie genre?

5-Do you give much importance to lists like AFI’s 100s, the Sight and Sound’s Top 10, etc.?

6-Is your daytime job is related to films in any means?

7-How long have you been blogging about films and what keeps you going at it?

8-What would be the movie that could define you? Why?

9-Name a celebrity that could be your doppelganger?

10-What it the best film you’ve watched lately?

11-Recommend a movie that almost no one has ever seen and that should be more recognized.


  1. Thanks for including me, I'll answer the questions soon. I got two liebster nominations this summer, so I'll do a combo post!

    "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads" Love that quote.
    Have you seen Dick Cavett's interview with Bowie from the 70s. Some claim Bowie was high :)

    I love Taxi Driver as well, it never get old.

    If you have a fascination with Christmas music, you might want to answer this question:

    1. My pleasure Chris!

      I'll have to watch the Bowie interview. I think of Cavett's show as a must in film interviews.

      I try not to get too much into the Christmas spirit too early in the year but I might give it a try and comment on your blog sometime soon.

  2. Thank you very much for thinking of me. I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you. This is the third or fourth time the Liebster has come around my way. The first time I participated fully, the second time I believe I posted a thanks, but didn't pass it on. I may have gotten it a third time, but just said thanks in a comment rather than a post.

    And that's what I'm going to do this time, too. I honestly do appreciate you picking me as one of the ones to participate. If you poked around my site any you will have seen that I don't post that often anymore. My job takes up a lot of my time.

    I'm glad to hear things are well with you and your family.

    1. Thank you Chip,

      I kind of agree that those awards are time consuming and I knocked on my favorite blog doors and I think sometimes the mention gives a nice glare.

      It was my pleasure picking Tips From Chip!

  3. Many thanks, kind sir! It's an honor to be recognized. I have a few things planned this month, but I will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.

    I also love Taxi Driver and The Shining, so I think I need to see La règle du jeu as soon as possible. I also appreciate the fact that you don't stick to one particular genre. You are a true cinephile in every sense of the word.

    Thanks again, and best wishes to your family!

    P.S.: Quebec is high on my list of places I need to visit.

    1. You know I always love to read your posts.

      As for film tastes we kind of have many similars and I'm sure you'll appreciate Jean Renoir's masterpiece.

      If you ever come in the city I could recommend activities, restaurants, etc.


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