Announcing: The Winter Sports blogathon

Guess what? In more than six years of activity and postings on this blog I’ve never hosted a proper blogathon!

So I wanted to mix two things I like a lot : winter sports and movies.

This is again yours truly on a snowboard circa 1998.

Date : December 1st to the 4th. Just before we get all merry and in the shopping madness.

Rules : select a movie that has winter sports in it (documentaries are welcomed). It doesn’t need to be centered on the activity but must have at least something like the characters are at a ski resort or a skating rink. Some scenes of the film must be in winter or in wintry elements.

OBVIOUSLY, Christmas films are welcomed!

Write in the comments or write directly to me your pick at michael dot parent at hotmail dot com. 

Preferably no duplicates but I know this is a restrictive theme.

I will be udating this post with the new participants once or twice a week until we start.

Have your post up by the dates aforementioned and I’ll do a daily post with your links.

Spread the word with those banners :

Last, have fun!

Participants & their pick(s):

Le Mot du Cinephiliaque - The Art of Flight (2011) Further (2012)

Movie Rob - Miracle (2004), Downhill Racer (1969)

Movies Silently - Max Learns to Skate (1907)

Movie Reviews 101 The Crash Reel (2013)

Cinematic Catharsis - On Her Majesty's Secret Services (1969)

Wonders In the Dark - Slap Shot 

The Wonderful World of Cinema - La Guerre des tuques

Silver Screenings - Sun Valley Serenade (1947)

Girls Do Film - Winter A-Go-Go 

In The Good Old Days Of Classic HollywoodMy Reputation (1946) and Little Women (1933)

Criterion Blues - Downhill Racer (1969)

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies - Two-Faced Woman (1941)

Silver Scenes Snowball Express ( 1972 ) and Winter Sports in Films of the 1930s and 40s

Totally Filmi - Breakaway (2011)

As a snowboarder for almost twenty years I'm dreaming of this this time of the year.


  1. I'd love to take part, how about Miracle (2004)?

  2. Replies
    1. might choose one or two more

    2. Let me know which ones and I'll add them up!

    3. one of ur pictures got me interested in wanting to see Downhill Racer, can you please add that for me also. Tnx

    4. Yes you can! I'm thrilled that you were influenced by my banner to make your pick! Looking forward to read your thoughts on that film!

  3. Hi there! I'd like to join with "Max Learns to Skate" from 1907. My site is moviessilently.com

  4. Could i do 'The Crash Reel' if you accept documentaries.

    1. Oh yes! I was hoping someone would pick The Crash Reel, which I still haven't watch yet. You're lucky cause I almost picked it for myself!
      By the way, documentaries are welcomed and I love a good sport documentary!

  5. Great idea for a blogathon! Could I do On Her Majesty's Secret Service? I think that qualifies. ;)

    1. Yes it qualifies and I'm looking forward to it! Welcome aboard Barry!

  6. OK Mike. I'll sign on for ICE CASTLES if that is available.

    -Sam Juliano

  7. Hum, I don't know if a "winter war" counts a winter sport, but if yes, may I do La Guerre des Tuques? Thanks! :) My blog is The Wonderful World of Cinema

    1. Perfect Virginie! I'm looking forward to read your write-up on this classic! I read somewhere they are making a remake of this.

  8. I would actually prefer SLAP SHOT Mike!


  9. Ooh – I'd love to to Sun Valley Serenade (1947), starring the famous figure skater Sonja Henie.

    I'm at http://silverscreenings.org

  10. Way more films in this genre than I anticipated! Please could I take the VERY well-known 'Winter a-Go-Go'?
    And my blog is https://girlsdofilm.wordpress.com - for some reason it forces me to comment from a very old, never-used blogger account!

  11. Yay. Great timing, as I will be going away not long after this. Could I do "The Bishop's Wife" ( 1947 )? If I can think of another film, I will give you a shout.

    My blog is: In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood

    1. Yep! It's yours! Thanks for joining! I can't wait to read your post!

    2. Thank you. Don't forget to add me to the roster.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.


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